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Paint Night In The Resident Courtyard

Jul 15, 2021

Our resident courtyard is the perfect and most relaxing space to host events, especially for a paint night. We invited residents to come hang out and paint, providing them various painting supplies and a 12”x 8” canvas. Twenty of our residents participated and were able…
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VIP Access At The Standard at Flagstaff

Jun 25, 2021

Our “Renewal VIP Party” resident event took place on 05/28. This resident event was planned with Memorial Day celebrations in mind and in conjunction with our holiday special, a paddleboard giveaway! Residents were invited to an eventful afternoon full of social games and activities,…
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The Longest Drive Golf Simulator Tournament At The Standard

May 18, 2021

In honor of The Masters, the Standard held a tournament in our golf simulator for the longest drive. Residents who participated had 3 shots to hit the longest drive. The winner won a pair of golf gloves of their choosing with $25 limit. Residents attended…

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